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Everyone! Once you've created a NetBet Casino account, you can join our Players Club and enjoy all the benefits that come with it! Check all the statuses available - you could reap big rewards in our "PLAYERS CLUB” section.

Players Club Points, called NetPoints, will automatically be assigned while you are playing any Casino and/or Live Dealers game with your own cash money. More details on the number of points allocated by game categories can be found under “EARN NetPoints” section. 

 As you collect NetPoints, you'll be eligible to treat yourself to a wide range of rewards available in your "CLUB SHOP". And that's not all! As soon as you've reached the minimum number points required to level up within the correct time frame, you'll be automatically assigned to the next Player Status up and enjoy all its benefits.

The Boost is awarded in real time, and gives you the chance to multiply the number of NetPoints collected by up to 5.5 times. Once you’ve reached a given Player Status, you'll be automatically awarded some extra FREE NetPoints as detailed in the “NetPoints BOOST” section.

NetPoints Boost is an exclusive treat available to all loyal NetBet players to help them get the Club Shop rewards they deserve, faster.

Please note, the NetPoints Boost is only applicable to total balance available to be spent at the Club Shop. Points requirements for Player Status upgrade and renewal are counted from the 1st of each month, taking into account only "clear" accumulated points from real money bets throughout the given period, thus excluding FREE boosted NetPoints.

Your Player Status is automatically upgraded according to the points level required. When you reach Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond Status, you will have 1 month (1st to last day) to reach the number of points required to keep and renew your status for one more month. If not, you will lose your status and be downgraded to the level you have accumulated enough points for. But don’t worry - you won't lose your total available balance of NetPoints accumulated so far.

For Platinum and Stellar Status, the level eligibility time frame is extended for 6 months with minimum points requirement to be completed for the first two months to be maintained. AND once you reach the Elite level you will remain Elite forever!

Please note, your total NetPoints balance available to be spent at the shop functions independently from your Player Status points requirement. For example, if you have collected 124,000 points since the 1st of the month. and you've spent some of these in the Club Shop, your level will be calculated based on your total monthly points accumulated (124,000) without considering any purchases points deduction nor NetPoints Boost. Check "MY CLUB" section to control your monthly performance and see how many points you need to accumulate to reach the next level.

NetPoints can be spent in our online “CLUB SHOP” which has a vast array of items to choose from. In addition to Free Spins and draw tickets, there are a range of other categories. Treat yourself to casino accessories, electronic goods, gaming related items, fantastic bonuses or cash vouchers. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy there are also plenty of surprise gifts on offer as well as a monthly raffle. You’re bound to find something you can’t resist! 

IMPORTANT: NetPoints cannot be transferred across NetBet products and must be spent exclusively in the product Shop they have been accumulated from. In any case, Poker players will not be able to access the Casino Club Shop with their Poker NetPoints balance and vice versa.

Your NetPoints balance increases in real time from the very first bet, and every subsequent real money bet you place on NetBet Casino and Live Dealers. Your total NetPoints accumulated so far + NetPoints Boost (once eligible according to your Player Status) can be spent at our Club Shop whenever you want. 

Upon Club Shop purchase, NetPoints price will automatically be deducted from your total NetPoints allowance while your monthly collected points balance will remain untouched. 

Our aim is to define Player Status based on monthly game play to make sure your always get the best treatment and reward for your play. Your Players Club progress and Player Status monthly earned points is independently monitored according to total points accumulated during the current month, and is reset every first of each month.